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April 13, 2015


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Creative Designs - Land Peel by Shin Yamashita

13 April 2015


We at Newell Furniture are constantly looking for inspirational smart furniture design and today we have recently come across the “Land Peel”.  The Land Peel is designed by Shin Yamashita, a student at the Kyoto Institute of Technology and is a creative, fun and multifunctional foam mat that can replace most of your home’s furniture.


The foam floor covering has panels that can be lifted, flipped and fold to become a wide range of furniture – from a table, to a backrest, to a drink tray, to a pillow, and to a footrest:




There is also a plug for a lamp that can be used to support the table as a table leg:



Cool design isn’t it? 






September 17, 2014


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Tiny living space

17 September 2014


Montreal furniture stores are of abundance and offer various designs and styles of sofa for your living room or beds for your bedroom.  However, not all listen as closely as Newell Furniture when it comes to our customers' comments.


Tiny spaces...


Living in a small condo in Montreal? Feel like your place is too small but can’t afford a higher rent? For us, our solution to this problem may not be moving “out”, but instead to redecorating “in”.


An efficient home will never go out of style. With many condominium projects rising in Montreal with diminishing sizes, a new demand appeared regarding the furnishing of these new homes. With all the items of great sentimental value filling out your new home, it could be time consuming which often leads to more than just a headache.


Clutter is usually one of the biggest challenge new condo owners will face. Without proper planning, the new house can easily get messy.  In addition to the traditional idea of furnishing a home with style, It has also become a necessity to furnish efficiently to maximize our living space.


At Newell...


Located in downtown of  Montreal, Newell Furniture acknowledges these new demands for intelligent and stylish furniture. Take for example our ALTO GAS-LIFT BED that offers a bed with storage space underneath the bed frame. Easy to lift and accessible, locating item will never be easier: “it’s under the bed”


Another example is our SYDNEY modular sofa.  While offering the users the flexibility to arrange the sofa in whatever configuration they want, the ottoman can serve as a storage space underneath.  Also, we at Newell took the extra step to come up with a locking system underneath each sofa piece so that they stick together.


Finally, the Charlie sofas have just arrived. These spacious sectionals are comfortable and offer extra storage space.  The seats can also slide out to offer more sitting room, or can serve as a single bed whenever you have guests in the house.



At Newell, we take at heart what our customers are looking for and we work relentlessly to acquire the best selections of products suitable to your needs.

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